By RadioMaxMusic


Great Soul Performances with Bobby Jay

gsppicMonday after Easter Sunday, and that means the beginning of “Beach Music” season. For the uninitiated, the uninformed, “Beach Music” is extremely popular in the Carolinas, as far north as Virginia and as far south as northern Florida. Beach Music has nothing to do with surf music, the Beach Boys or southern California. What it is, is mostly R&B music that has a beat that’s great for doing a dance called the “Shag.” Trust me, “There Ain’t Nothing Like Shagging.” In my day up north in New York City, we called it the “swing,” which was the descendant of the “jitterbug.” So this evening on “Great Soul Performances” it will be all “Beach Music.” We’ll be hearing music from: General Norman Johnson & the Chairmen of the Board, the Embers, selected tracks from my life long friend and brother, Eugene Pitt from the CD we produced in 2009, “Eugene Pitt Steps Out In Front: I Love Beach Music,” the Falcons, the Manhattans, Jimmy Ricks & the Ravens, the Tymes, Marvin Gaye, Richard “Dimples” Fields, the Trammps, Angel Rissoff, the Band of Oz, the studio group I sing with that includes Phil Granito, Seth Glassman & Angel Rissoff called, the Sons of Saint Rocco, the Clovers; recorded “live” at the Third Annual Beach Music Awards Show, and many, many, many more. Shagging begins at 7PM ET, 6PM CT, 5PM MT and 4PM PT. I’m sure after tonight you’ll want to hear this show again, and you can, by going to: Get ready for a partying, dancing, good time this evening with “Great Soul Performances” at “Shag Central,” the home of “Beach Music” on RadioMaxMusic.Com.


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